Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yay, The 'Justice League' Movie Is Happening!

No more Lois Lane. Superman's new love interest is Wonder Woman.
If anyone knows me, they know that I'm a huge DC fan (Detective Comics). I love Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Whereas, Spider Man is Marvel fans, you'll be glad to know that my husband is a huge Marvel fan. We have quite a few spirited debates. So when I read that Warner Brothers is preparing to do a Justice League movie, I got excited...and scared.
Unlike Marvel, DC has been much more protective of their film rights and their heroes. So besides Superman and Batman, there haven't been many DC hereos to grace the silver screen. Even after the release of the Superman films in the 1970s, DC is still hyper focused on the franchise, as Superman will once again hit theaters in 2013. But apparently watching 'The Avengers' make a billion dollars has changed their minds.

The massive haul of 'The Avengers' has caused Warner Brothers to wake up and take notice. Now, Warner Brothers is hoping to capitalize on the super hero mashup craze. The Justice League movie will be released in 2015 to correspond with the release of 'The Avengers 2.' Television writer, Will Beall, is already working on the script, but no director is attached yet.

Needless to say, Warnber Brothers is a little late in the game, which makes me worry. Warner Brothers released the crap that was 'The Green Lantern.' So will they make another mistep with the beloved Justice League? I hope not. Fingers crossed.



  1. Finally!!!! I have been waiting for a JLA movie for years. I'm also a DC fan and it's about time they gave us a multiple-superhero movie.

  2. Its about time Superman and Wonder Woman, you know. Mayeb they already have. I've been a Marvel fan all my life.

  3. Its about time Superman and Wonder Woman, you know. Mayeb they already have. I've been a Marvel fan all my life.

  4. Alex-- I couldn't agree more. I only wish they would have brought more DC characters to the big screen sooner!

    Stephen-- Unfortunately, they haven't. DC has been focused on Superman and Batman that they forgot about the rest of the franchise. Poor Wonder Woman has never had a movie.

  5. I think the mistake DC is making is believing that the huge appeal of The Avengers was seeing a bunch of different heroes together in one movie. If that were the case, then the X-Men or Fantastic Four movies would have done similar box office.

    No, the appeal of the The Avengers was in seeing already established characters and stars come together in one big movie. Justice League won't have this because DC will not really do the establishing films ahead of it. Yes, they are rebooting Superman (again), but the Batman character will not be Christian Bale's. Who knows if they'll keep the Green Lantern character. And they lost their chance to reboot Wonder Woman some years ago when they decided that Joss Whedon, who was developing it, didn't have what it took to write and direct a superhero movie.


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