Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Did I Notice Your Book Blogfest?

Blogfest sponsored by Ciara Knight and Alex Cavanaugh.
I don't know if this book will qualify, but this is the book that I'm currently reading. I've been really enjoying it so far. My choice is '2312' by Kim S. Robinson. '2312' is a unique love story for the hardcore scifi fan. It's set in a time when humanity has escaped the earth and terraformed the surrounding planets within the solar system. "They would leave the system altogether, but physics forbids." A full review can be seen in the Guardian. It's brilliant...seriously brilliant. 

Review -

Buy it -


  1. A science fiction book - of course!
    Thanks for participating in our blogfest.

  2. I don't see many sci-fi romances, so I will check it out! I'm doing the blogfest as well. :)

  3. HI Mariah .. if it's been reviewed by the Guardian, then I can understand your "seriously brilliant" comment .. sounds very interesting .. and enjoy finishing it!

    Cheers Hilary

  4. This blogfest is introducing me to so many great reads.

  5. Epic cover! A lot to convey, and they did it extremely well. Makes me feel small in the way good sic-fi stories do. :-)

  6. I'm in - always love a rec from a fellow sci-fi fan. Awesome blog by the way.

  7. Alex-- As always, thanks! I can't wait until your next one.

    Libby-- Wonderful, I will swing by your blog as well. I'm curious about what book you chose.

    Hilary-- Thanks! I'll have to check out your blog. Looking forward to it.

    Isis-- So true. So many great books, so little time!

    EJ-- It really is a great cover isn't it. It conveys the subject of the novel well.

    S.L.-- Thanks! I think you'll enjoy it. I'm looking forward to checking out your blog.

  8. There have been loads of fantasy novels on the blogs today but not too many sci-fi so this was a great choice!

  9. Sounds like some interesting science. Mix in some romance and it's a winner. Thanks for sharing.

  10. That is a strong cover. It demands a reader's attention. Thanks for participating in the DINYB Blog Fest.

  11. That is an eye-catching cover. That alone makes me want to read.

  12. Very cool! My choice is also a scifi romance - time travel!

  13. The title and cover have sucked me in already! Adding to my TBR :)

  14. I love, love, love that cover! Thanks for sharing this. :)

  15. Now that's one interesting cover with all those elements.

  16. Sherry-- It is a very cool book. So far I've really enjoyed it.

    LynNerdKelley- I think I saw your choice. I'm looking forward to reading that.

    Susan-- I couldn't agree more.

    Tyrean-- Thanks!

    Trisha-- That's what happened to me!

    Laura-- Thanks for posting. I enjoyed your entry as well!

    J.L. Campbell-- I agree. Sometimes great cover art really helps explain the books narrative.

  17. I first read Robinson back in the 80s (Memory of Whiteness and Icehenge), and I started reading his Mars trilogy, but I don't think I ever completed it.

    The new book sounds interesting. Gotta love the comparison to stand on Zanzibar for a great recommendation.


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