Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Unhappily Ever After

This piece has been around for a few years, but somehow I never came across it. Provocateur Dina Goldstein has transformed Disney princesses into "real life" caricatures. The piece is an artistic response to the "happily ever after" moniker. After all, life is not a Disney movie. Prince Charming doesn't necessarily swoop in and save the day. Real women face real world challenges that Disney princesses don't face. The piece is cleverly shot through the opiate lens of make believe. The photographs are provocative and purposely so. Goldstein's intent is to illicit an emotion from the viewer: humor, sadness, disgust, anger, etc. Some folks may take offense and admittedly a few of these pictures are offensive. But occasionally art is offensive or it wouldn't be art. You can see Goldstein's inspiration and a full interview on Cargoh or see Goldstein's website for more.
Source: Daily Mail.
Princess Jasmine is a warrior woman

Cinderella likes to drink
Little Red Riding Hood like McDonalds
Little Mermaid in captivity

Rapunzel gets cancer
Pocohantas becomes the cat lady after John Smith leaves her

The Princess and the pea in a landfill


  1. I'm sure that is exactly what would happen if a mermaid appears in the real world

  2. Very creative!
    "Back in the day" there was a period when Mermaid Bars were fairly popular. The back bar wall was a big window into a tank with scantily clad "mermaids" swimming around. It was pretty cheesy, but usually in fairly high end places.

    Thanks for commenting and signing up at my blog. I appreciate it! I like what I'm seeing here and will be following you...

  3. I LOVE this, I'm going to the website to check it out now.

  4. I have a friend who loves this kind of thing, so I'll be sure to tell her about it.

  5. Alex-- I like that one a lot!

    Dwei-- I know? Or the Princess and the frog one?

    Dezmond-- SO true. We love to put things in Seaworld don't we.

    Pat-- Super creative. Yes, I've seen those types of bars in movies. Although I've never seen one in person.

    Libby-- The photographer is very cool. She's somewhat provocative.

    Chris-- They'll love it.


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