Friday, September 6, 2013

New 'Robocop' Remake

It looks like the 'Robocop' reboot is in full swing. Sigh. The original 80's 'Robocop' was a gooey, bloody masterpiece, so I'm not sure why we need a remake, but ok. Children of the 80s--just deal with it. If you haven't yet accepted that your favorite childhood movies (that you probably shouldn't have been watching at age 10) will be churned out again sans the tasty bits, then you live under a rock.

For example, in the original film Murphy (aka Robocop) was brutally killed by the dad from 'That 70s Show.' In the remake, Murphy "dies" in a car bomb. I assume this was sanitized for the sake of a PG-13 rating. Mind you, I'm not a fan of gore, but I did think that Murphy's demise added to the storyline. It gave the film a sense of sadness, loss, and explained Murphy's rage, which in turn propelled the story. The new film also doesn't appear to feature Lewis (Nancy Allen), Murphy's police partner. Instead the new film focuses on the relationship with his wife played by Abbie Cornish ('Limitless').

Peter Weller and Kurtwood Smith
I'm trying to be positive, but the new costume on the left gives me pause. Hopefully it's just an homage to the original film. It looks like the second costume on the right is the primary costume. The all-black costume is actually kinda cool and sleek. Additionally, the remake has had some casting problems. Most notably Hugh Laurie left the project as the main villain. I assume he was replaced by former Batman, Michael Keaton.

The trailer itself looks 'eh.' You decide. 'Robocop' will hit theaters on February 7, 2014. Just in time for Valentine's Day!
'Robocop' trivia: When Peter Weller wore the 'Robocop' suit, it was so hot and heavy that Weller lost three pounds of water weight per day. They finally put an air conditioner in the suit to alleviate his discomfort. It was rumored that Weller declined to star in 'Robocop 3' because he couldn't bear to put on that suit again. I can't say I blame him..

Photos from L.A. Times.


  1. 1982 for me, but even though I was young in the 80s I loved movies and that even meant the R ones.

    Still I am trying to be okay with this one. As long as it isn't Total Recall, it might be good.

  2. The original Robocop was over the top gory and violent and that was its appeal. To tone it down to PG-13? I'm writing it off right now. (Not a child of the 80's, but an adult, and I don't want those films messed with either.)

  3. I don't know if I'll watch the reboot, but I still quote the original. "I'll buy that for a dollar!"

  4. I'm pretty sure I'll pass on this one. The original was kind of a classic. I see nothing but failure coming for the remake.


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