Tuesday, January 21, 2014

'Doctor Who' Goodies

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This week has been a busy 'Doctor Who' goodie week. I have come across three separate 'Doctor Who'-themed items that I just had to share! I've previously posted about a 'Doctor Who' bookcase, a 'Doctor Who' refrigerator (to keep your fish fingers and custard cold), a collapsible Tardis, and 'Doctor Who' miniatures. Today's 'Doctor Who' goodie is a Tardis Vortex door. I've seen lots of Tardis doors--too many in fact, but what makes this one unique is the painted vortex, which adds that extra flair.

Via i09
I also accidentally happened upon a 'Doctor Who' pair of pajamas, which would have made a great Christmas gift for the husband. Darn! Missed that one. The last 'Doctor Who' item I found this week was an original Peter Capaldi illustration. Capaldi has recently become the 12th Doctor. Evidently Capaldi painted this about 38 years ago and he was quite the fan boy! Who knew Capaldi would later become 'Doctor Who?' Talk about multi-talented.


  1. great post... i so want to paint the door like the TARDIS... having some trouble updating your site, it keeps defaulting to the name. this makes it default to the old name and site.

  2. Jeremy-- Thanks for the info. I've been wondering about what's going on with my site. I changed my domain and it's been a nightmare! I'm hoping to work out the kinks.

  3. i am not sure if this would work, but change the name a little until you can see... i think since the old name is the same for the new place, but still carries the old address. i am still a follower, just not getting updates on my site.

    try "Space Blogyssey" and drop the "a", not permanent.. I will let you know... if this makes any sort of sense...

  4. sorry i am back... your google+ still has the old site, that might need to just be updated... hopefully some of this helps.

  5. The closet door is pretty cool.
    This one updated in my Feedly, so that's a good sign.

  6. Yeah, feed is good... feed is updated on my reader!

  7. Oh wonderful. Thanks to both of you for checking on this! Whew, changing a domain was a pain!

  8. We all need TARDIS doors in our houses! So when things get tough we can just go for a quick trip!
    I love that Peter Capaldi is a fan, that makes it so much easier on us to like him before we even see him in his first episode!

  9. David-- I agree. I'm really liking Peter.


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