Friday, January 17, 2014

Gina Carano in 'Almost Human' + Minor Spoilers

Gina Carano on set of 'Almost Human' via Gina Joy Carano
Next week's episode will feature Gina Carano as some form of killer robot. My husband eeked with joy when he saw this week's preview with her in it. In my opinion, Carano would have made one heck of a 'Wonder Woman.' Although she's not that great of an actress, but that can be learned! Carano has the perfect physicality and demeanor of 'Wonder Woman.' Carano's 'Almost Human' episode will air on February 3rd. In the meantime, Carano has several other projects going on, including 'In the Blood,' which has been described as a female-version of the film 'Taken.'

Now about 'Almost Human' - I started watching 'Almost Human' simply because I love (and I mean love) Karl Urban. Karl Urban hasn't been on television since 'Xena: The Warrior Princess' and oh how I missed him. Thankfully 'Almost Human' is more than just a Karl Urban vehicle. 'Almost Human' is actually a fantastic show. It's also a show that my husband and I can watch together, which means it appeals to different demographics.

Set in the year 2048, Karl Urban plays a hardened cop (John Kennex) struggling with anger issues after a recent betrayal that costs him a leg. Now Kennex has an advanced mechanical leg that he can't quite get used to. The show is similar to 'I, Robot' in that regard. After a long absence, Kennex returns to his duty station to find that all police officers are required to be partnered with a robot (or a MX). After some trial and error, Kennex gets an older twitchier robotic partner in the form of Micheal Ealy (Dorian). Unlike the new MXs, Dorian has been programmed to have feelings, which makes him less predictable, but better suited to police work.

Karl Urban and Michael Ealy
'Almost Human' will be airing its ninth episode and so far I have been pleasantly surprised. The first episode started strong and has only improved from there. Admittedly, I'm nervous to like SciFi show on Fox. The Fox Network is notorious for cancelling GOOD SciFi shows too soon. I wrote an article about that last Fall, you can see that here.

'Almost Human' has primarily been compared to 'Fringe,' which is a fair comparison. J.J. Abrams also produced 'Fringe.' The difference between 'Almost Human' and shows like 'Fringe' or 'Lost' (and most recently, 'Sleepy Hollow'), is that 'Almost Human' doesn't have a complicated storyline threaded throughout the show. 'Although Kennex's ex-girlfriend tried to kill him and is likely in a terrorist organization. That's one mystery that has yet to be resolved, but thankfully the show focuses on stand alone episodes and not whole season story archs. The storyline is so simple, it's a cliche: buddy cop/fish out of water/bromance. Add a touch of 'Dragnet' and a smidge of 'Blade Runner,' and there you have it.

The best part of the show is the sciency stuff. The show continues to delve into applicable science. We've seen cyborgs (of course), advanced weaponry, sex bots, hologram disguises, cloning, organ transplants, and the latest episode was about a bullet that could find you anywhere. The technological aspect of the show is thought-provoking to say the least and some of this stuff may not be too far off in the near future.
Gina Carano in 'Almost Human' via Gina Joy Carano


  1. Gina Carano would have been an interesting Wonder Woman, so I'm looking forward to her guest appearance. What I love about this show is the way they treat new technology in an accessible way.

  2. Looks great!
    I just hope DC/WB does not screw Wonder Woman up in the Batman/Superman movie.

  3. Alex-- I love the show. It's much better than I realized.

    Maurice-- Me too! I think Gina would have made the perfect Wonder Woman. I do like how the show handles technology.

    David-- You and me both! DC makes me so mad sometimes.

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