Friday, July 10, 2015


The San Diego Comic Con has started up again. If you're watching from home, I have included the biggest highlights from 2015 thus far. See my 2014 coverage click here.

1.) 'Doctor Who' Panel with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez, and Steven Moffat. Be's lovely Peter's very first Comic Con. If you'd like to see more of Peter Capaldi's first experience at Comic Con watch the full panel below. I've embedded the video for your viewing pleasure. So glad it's already up on Youtube. Thanks to Flicks and the City for posting. 'There were more Season 9 spoilers revealed at the 'Doctor Who' panel. The best resources I've seen thus far have been at Slash Film, EW, and Nerdist. Check 'em out. Doctor Who' season 9 trailer was also revealed. See it below. Maisie Williams (Arya from 'Game of Thrones') will be guest starring this season.

2.) The posters of Comic Con are always gorgeous. This year is no exception. Mondo always designs the most delicious posters. They've done some incredible 'Crimson Peak' posters this year as well as some old favorites.
Via Slash Film
3.) If you're a 'Sherlock' fan, here is the 'Sherlock' panel for ya and a peek a the 'Sherlock' Special with Benedict Cumberbatch in full "Sherlockian" garb. See that video below. According to the sources I've read, there weren't a lot of a spoilers because Moffat hasn't started writing Season 4 yet.

4.) I'm not a Jennifer Lawrence fan, but for those of you who are watch the 'Hunger Games' panel below. I do enjoy the 'Hunger Games,' although I feel most of the roles have been miscast. Supposedly this will be the final Comic Con appearance of the 'Hunger Games' cast. Again thanks for to Flicks and the City for posting. If you aren't following their Youtube channel you need to :)

5.) There are always plenty of photo booths at Cons. Here is a fun one at this year's Comic Con from Unicef.
6.) The 'Supergirl' pilot also premiered at this year's Comic Con, however, I believe the 'Supergirl' has already leaked online and is not much different than the extended trailer. So far Comic Con has reacted positively... EW claims it has left viewers "speechless," which I think is likely an exaggeration.
7.) Toys: There are always hot toys and figurines to see...behind several inches of glass of course.
Hot Toys
Hot Toys
8.) If you do ever venture to Comic Con or any large con for that matter, I've included a few tips for standing in line from the Nerdy Girlie. Standing in lines at cons is my LEAST favorite activity. The Verge compared standing in line at a large Con to camping in hell. Unfortunately, I can't disagree with this comparison. io9 did a nice write up on what it takes to get a Comic Con badge. I typically receive my Comic Con invite in the early fall. Then I have to decide if I can afford to spend a small fortune the next year for hotel fees, airfare, food, traveling costs, and of course badges. So if you're an average Joe or "Josie" in my case, you need to start planning your Comic Con trip about 8 to 9 months in advance. I have no idea why EW is calling the line for the 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' panel "EPIC." These people are sleeping outside. Torturous is more like it.
9.) Perhaps my favorite thing about conventions is the cosplay. I adore cosplay. I have done cosplay before, but I'm not very good at it! I wish I was better at it, but I love watching other people's cosplay. Here is my favorite Cosplay from SDCC 2015 thus far.
Rotten Tomatoes
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  1. Thanks for bringing comic con Ms. Mariah! I missed the Doctor Who panel and the coverage this year is remarkable. So many good things and we'll probably see a Batman v Superman trailer.

    1. Hi Maurice! Oh yes, I will post that too. I'm glad a trailer is finally out-- not a teaser. There is a big difference.

  2. That costume is really odd.
    The Aliens poster is awesome. One of my favorite movies.
    Doubt I'll ever make it Comic Con, but you never know.

    1. Ha,'s from 'Beetlejuice!' I'm sure you've seen that movie. One can dream about making it to Comic Con one day. I think you and i are both on the east coast. You should go to Dragon Con!

  3. Glorious... thank you, I always get sad when I know I cannot go... but then you share it. I see and feel some of the cool stuff you get/got to be part of.

    1. Ha, I'm not there either this year so I just collected my favorite things I've seen thus far!


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