Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No More Movies By One-Name Directors

A little eccentricity goes a long least when it comes to one-named pop stars i.e. Cher, Beyonce, Tiffnay, Bono, Prince, Bjork, Seal, Shakira, Sade, Madonna, Morrissey, Elvis, etc. Other folks have joined the club too (Oprah, Fabio, Elvira, Twiggy, Penn, Teller, Topol, and Vendela). But alas, the one-name fairy godmother was not so kind to McG.
Who or what is a McG you ask? McG is a former music video director who frankly should have never jumped the shark to direct feature films. McG is responsible for the atrocity that was 'Terminator Salvation' and for the obnoxious and painfully loud 'Charlies Angels' films of the early 2000s.

McG is perhaps best known for his lack of control of roid-raging-rampager Christian Bale, whilst on the set of Terminator Salvantion. Do you think that Christian Bale would have behaved like that on Christopher Nolan's set? Me thinks not.

Most recently, McG, directs Reese Witherspoon's latest box office bomb, 'This Means War.' This Means War is a wannabe spy romance/comedy, starring Reese, Chris Pine (Star Trek), and Tom Hardy (Inception). Unfortunately for McG, 'This Means War' has been an abominable financial and critical failure.

So that settles it. Four bad films is not a fluke; it's a pattern. I can't speak to 'We Are Marshall.' I didn't see it and it earned a respectable 49% on rottentomatoes. However, considering the 'Charlie's Angels' films, 'Terminator Salvation,' and now 'This Means War,' McG should not be allowed to make additional films until he goes back to film school. He should also be required to take M. Night Shyamalan and Tyler Perry with him.

So no more movies directed by McG and especially, no more SCIFI movies directed by McG. Please. Please. Please.

Note: I will say that I'm a fan of several of the shows that McG produces, i.e. 'Supernatural' and 'Nikita' (both of which are a MUST SEE). But I can't give McG too much credit, as he's the go-to producer for the CW. And producing and directing are not the same. Lest we forget, McG also produced the CW's 'The Mountain' and the 'The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll' for goodness sake. So no kudoos for him. Ok maybe a crumb, but that's it.

And despite the douche-ness of his name, the utter destruction of the 'Terminator' franchise, and his overall lack of talent, "McG" may actually be a decent fellow. There's an underwhelming lack of gossip about him and he seems to be a nice guy. Additionally, McG's comment on his name gave me an inkling of compassion for him.
"It's fun to hate a guy called McG. In my humble opinion it's sheer f******  lunacy because it's just short for McGinty - f****** get past it. My name is Joseph McGinty Nichol. My mother's maiden name is McGinty. My uncle was Joe, my grandfather was Joe. I was called McG since the day I was born because we were broke and there were three Joes in the house. There's no Hollywood, 'I think I'll give myself a nickname' b*******. It just is. And at some point I would be a sell-out punk if I rolled over and said, 'Well, call me Joe.' And I've had to suffer through teachers in the third grade saying, 'Look, no vowels!' And I suffer a bit for it now. I can only sigh and move forward."


  1. LOL! I totally agree with you. I am NOT a fan of MCG either. When I first hear the name, all I could say was, "Who?"

  2. How do you say McG? Mick-G? Or is it initials? Yes, he can take M. Night with him.

  3. Great post, I was not a fan of the films either.

  4. I've seen We Are Marshall. It's adecent film, but nothing like a must see. Your reaction to it may be affected by how much you know or don't know about the real events that are portrayed in the film.

    I agree on the Charlie's Angels films. I never watched Terminator Salvation.

  5. Isis-- "Who?" is right.

    Alex-- Yep, that's how you say. MickG. Who would ever call their kid that? Aren't nicknames supposed to be easier to say?

    Corvus-- Thanks! Nope. He's yet to create a satisfying film. He's had plenty of chance.

    Chip-- Terminator Salvation was terrible. He effectively destroyed the franchise. You have to see it to believe it.

  6. I love posts like this because it deals with the mechanics of cinema, not just the films themselves.

    You are right, McG is a terrible filmmaker and epitomises all that is wrong with current H'wood. Rather than seek the services of directors who know how to tell a story, the studios are seeking technicians who can convey enough flashy visuals to keep undemanding audiences entertained.

    In the case of THIS MEANS WAR it seems audiences aren't that dumb because the movie has flopped.

    That's one nil to the good guys.

  7. Shockgrubz- Ha, I think "a boy named Sue" would give him a run for his money.

    Movies on my mind-- I think movie audiences are becoming more and more savvy. Hollywood has begun to pick up on that, but they're not there yet. They still think they can throw junk to a wall and it will stick. Sometimes "yes," most of the time "no."

  8. McG...I have a love hate relationship concerning his talents. I didn't think the Charlie's Angels movies were that bad. They were good, loud fun featuring women kicking ass. Terminator Salvation is another story. But I think Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines already destroyed the franchise.

    I do wish Hollywood would take note of how much more intelligent the audience is. Although with Twilight and this need to turn every YA novel into a movie or TV show, I have my doubts.


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