Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Walking Dead Season 2.5 Is A Scream

If you're a science fiction or horror fan, then AMC's The Walking Dead is mandatory viewing. Last fall, the first half of Season 2 started on slow burn, but the second half of Season 2 has been great. In fact, The Walking Dead's Season 2.5  has set a new record for the network and it's parent company, Fox International Channels.
Check out io9's review of the last episode.

Fortunately for us, Frank Darabont's incredible influence can still be felt throughout Season 2, as the season was likely scripted before his departure. For those who need to catch up on their Walking Dead gossip, Frank Darabont spearheaded the television series until last summer when AMC abruptly "fired" him, despite reports to the contrary. Darabont had big goals for AMC's #1 rated show. He was passionate about the show's authenticity and cried fowl when their budgets were brutally slashed to bolster Mad Men.

Sam Witwer as the unknown soldier (left). Andrew Lincoln (right)
One of Darabont's future storylines was a flashback involving an unknown soldier during the fall of Atlanta. The soldier was forshadowed in the pilot episode when Rick climbed into the zombie soldier's tank. Many were surprised to learn that the soldier was played by known actor and scifi darling, Sam Witwer (currently Aidan on Being Human U.S. and formerly Crashdown on Battlestar Galactica). That story however, was scrapped after Darabont's departure.

Think Blackhawk Down with zombies. Wouldn't that have been cool?

Sam Witwer
So, why after incredible ratings did The Walking Dead's budget get slashed and Darabont get fired? I'm still asking those two questions? See my previous article on The Walking Dead budget massacre last year.

I don't begrduge Mad Men. I know first hand that it's a good show, but it's no longer the ratings angel it once was. Is there an unreasonable prejudice against science fiction/fantasy shows?


  1. With everything I've had going on lately, I've missed the start of this season. Will have to catch up through DVR...

  2. I missed all last seasons...yeah, I knooow! I tried to watch last weeks episode I think, I was just lost. :\

  3. I think they cut the budget and fired the guy cause they can. Unforcanetly in most buisness it isn't how good you are its make money. and its easier to make a lot of money with and okay product then to spend lots of money and make a great product which the same amount of people will like. Its sad but true, I hope more people watch shows on the internet funded by fans!

  4. I haven't seen the show yet but have heard good things about it, as to why series are cut and budgets smashed-who knows? This does not seem like a sane business to me.

  5. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen WD series 2 as you have to pay Rupert Murdoch money for the privilege to watch in the UK; that is until this spring when it will air for free.

    I did see Haywire and very much liked Fassbender in it. I saw Shame last year and very much admired his performance. Tis a shame the US Academy judgement was clouded by its aversion to sex in cinema. Sometimes we can't see the wood for the trees.

  6. I really like Bersercules' idea. If we all watched 'user' created content, the big boys would have to follow suit and produce more quality works.

  7. Alex-- I think you'll really enjoy this season. It's better to watch the season all together rather than piecemeal. They chop the seasons up nowadays. I hate that.

    RealQueen-- Yep, it's one of those shows that you need to see the whole way through.

    Bersecules- What a great idea. I heard Netflix is trying to market itself as a cable channel. Maybe they could pick up more internet series.

    Paul-- I don't get it either. I like Mad Men, but their cash cow is the Walking Dead.

    Movies on my Mind-- I'm with you. There's no point in paying when you can view for free in Springtime. Fassbender is one of my favorites. He's just incredible. I was shocked he didn't get a nomination this year.

    Shockgrubz-- Yes, that was a fantastic idea! I agree.

  8. I'm angry that Darabont was fired and WD's budget was slashed. I have personally been a Mad Men hater since I watched the first two eps and wanted to pitch my TV across the room. I'm glad to see it falling behind in the ratings and hope it gets cancelled. I never understood the appeal of it.

    Anyway, I do think that there is an inherent prejudice against sf/fantasy shows. BSG debuted on NBC, but they quickly shuffled it off to their SyFy channel where, I'm happy to say, it beat anything NBC tried to put on their Friday night schedule, including a news show. Somehow sf/fantasy is perceived as niche and not having a general appeal. But, WD has proven that thinking wrong and so has Once Upon A Time. Now, if only certain TV execs would get it.


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