Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Ballad Of Little Hasbro

This is why I love going to Cons (conventions). Unfortunately, I'm not at Wonder Con, but I've been following the festivities via the internet. I especially enjoy when fans put directors (or anyone else) in the hot seat at a panel, because something new is always revealed.

Most folks remember Peter Berg as an actor from Shocker and Copland and as the director of the film version of Friday Night Lights. So when a fan asked Berg (who is directing the new Michael Bay-esque film Battleship) what his new film is based on, one would expect him to say the children's game of the same name by Hasbro, right? Nope. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Berg found inspiration in Stephen Hawking, despite the fact that the film is being marketed as the live-action Hasbro game.

Now, I certainly don't mind that Berg found inspiration in Stephen Hawking, aliens, or whatever, but my question is simple, "why call it Battleship?" Why not call it Battle Pacific or something? Why manipulate the audience into thinking it has anything to do with their favorite childhood game?  I may be prematurely passing judgment, but I will gladly eat my words if I'm wrong. But I don't think I'm wrong. Lest we forget this movie heralds Rihanna's screen debut. Unfortunately, this appears to be just another example of what's wrong with the movie industry.

I love me some Taylor Kitsch (John Carter), Alex Skarsgard (True Blood), and Liam Neeson (no introduction needed), but I'm not sure if they can save this one. The storyline makes absolutely no sense. Which as we know is the most important aspect of a movie. Alas, Hollywood continues it's scorched earth policy and takes aim at our childhood memories, so why stop now?

The Battleship sinks in a theater near you on May 18th.


  1. They called it "Battleship" for the same reason they called the latest movie "Star Trek" even though it had almost nothing to do with the franchise - because of the name recognition factor. It's all about selling tickets.

  2. I was excited about the cast, but the rest of it turned me off.

  3. Looks and sounds like the Transformers. Blu-ray rental for me ...maybe?

  4. Maybe its based on Stephen Hawking playing Battleship!

  5. Totally agree, one hundred percent. I'll bet we even see Hasbro somewhere in the credits. I think he was just trying to elevate his film, although to intellectualize giant alien ships, explosions and lots of special f/x is like trying to call Snooki's book Shore Thing, a literary masterpiece.

  6. I agree with Melissa, I think he was attempting to give his work an intellectual patina. I wonder if he said it with a straight face? Good post.

  7. I honestly think it's an attempt to capitalize on the name. It's typical Hollywood. The great casting will lure some of us (yes, I'm that gullible), but if Battleship fans figure it out, he's going to be completely blasted. They assume that we're all sheep and don't dig into things like you did (and the fan who asked the question).

  8. Chip-- I thought the Star Trek movie was pretty good. They explained some of the inconsistencies with the alternate timeline story. However, I'm seriously confused about the Battleship movie.

    Christine-- I agree. I like the guy who played John Carter, Alex Skarsgard from True Blood, and of course Liam Neeson can do no wrong, but a good cast can't save a terrible script.

    Max-- I wish I could consign this to the rental heap. Unfortunately, I may have to see it if my dad wants to go.

    Bersecules- That I would pay money for.

    Melissa-- So true. Entertainment values have really declined haven't they?

    Paul-- I wonder too. I would have liked to have been in that panel. I can't believe no one called him on it.

    Jennie-- They really do treat us like sheep, don't they. Hollywood operates from an antiquated model. "If you explode things, they will come"--not necessarily.


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